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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Twice spared

Oh dear. Last night when Rick went out to clean Lance's paddock, he found the scattered remains of a totally annihilated floating stock tank de-icer. We knew it could be a temptation for my big red goober so Rick had installed it on Breezy's side of the stock tank. Lance still managed to reach it, pull it out, unplug it, and destroy it. Thankfully, he didn't get electrocuted – or clobbered by my husband!

I don't know if Lance did the dirty deed before or after I turned him out to play in the snow since I didn't go out in his paddock at the time. I figured I'd better let him burn off some steam again today before he found something else to dismantle, but he didn't find the snow to his liking. It was deeper, and had a hard crust from the freezing rain this afternoon. He pawed for awhile and walked about gingerly for a bit, then came over and asked to go back to the barn.

There's quite a snow load on the barn roof, and the freezing rain is adding more weight to it. I hope the thaw comes soon – both for the roof's sake and my horse's sanity!


Laura said...

You should use a drain-plug de-icer. It will draw more juice, but the goober won't be able to get to it!!

Michelle said...

We have one, but the tank was too full to dump when the need arose for a deicer. :-/

Unknown said...

Looks like Lance thinks a little bit of snow is fine, but anything more than fetlock deep is too much.