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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hair loss is the least of my worries

Lance lost more hair today. Rick has been talking about ultrasounding Lance's lungs again, and this evening he did it, shaving more hair off to get a more extensive look. What he saw was markedly worse than six weeks ago. :-(
Darker skin is the original shaved area; suntanned?
Rick has exchanged texts with the veterinary internist, and will be talking to her tomorrow afternoon. Sounds like the next step is a lung biopsy. Praying we get to the bottom of whatever it is this time.


Terry said...

I hope you finally get a diagnosis that you can act on!

Theresa said...

Crap! I do so hope like Terry that there is finally a clear diagnosis.
Sending prayers your way.

emma said...

I'm sorry :( fingers crossed you can get answers

A :-) said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry - so not the news you wanted to hear. I'm so sorry and I hope you will get some answers soon.