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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Just a little gas; it'll pass (hopefully!)

Last weekend we endured a heat wave, and this week we've been getting ready to go to Cowboy Campmeeting at the base of Mt. Adams, so I haven't been riding as much. I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful setting with my mental health mustang, family and friends; I know Lance won't be up to long or challenging rides, but there are easy trails, too. When we get back, his new inhaler mask and nebulizer should be waiting so we can start him on fluticasone to see if that improves his exercise intolerance. Thank goodness for Costco!
Rick had to get some additional parts to construct the hay steamer, so hopefully we can get that done when we get back, too.

When I went down to do morning chores today, Lance was lying down, not up and waiting for his "treat" (rice bran pellets make the medicine – Aller-Tec – go down quickly). I went into his stall and pet him; he still didn't get up. I decided to finish chores and keep an eye on him; when I left his stall he groaned and laid flat out in his stall. That sent me running flat out back to the house to get Rick; I've never seen Lance lay down like that, much less when he's usually up and nickering at me! Of course by the time we got back to the barn, Lance was up and eating breakfast. Rick said he had some gas; let's hope that's all it is (as we head into the wilderness for several days). =:-O


Theresa said...

Trailer rides help all sorts of tummy troubles in horses. Let's hope the jaunt to Cowboy Camp works a charm on Lance. Have fun. Hugs!

Mary said...

Like Theresa said, trailering is the best for a gassy guy. In news here from the Sonoran desert, the trail riding group at my barn is going up to the White Mtns at the end of the month for a long weekend. I think 7-8 horses and 3-4 trailers so far will be caravaning along the Salt River Canyon, out of the desert and up to the cool mountains. Nick and I are counting the days.