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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Naughty and nice; checking my list

I've gotten in three good schooling sessions since going to the beach, and am really pleased with my big red goober (lately labeled Lancy-Pants Fancy-Pants). Yesterday he did attempt to cop an attitude while I was getting him ready, which was v-e-r-y ill-advised of him considering the morning I had had with my son. (Sometimes Lance makes ugly faces – or worse – when I start grooming him; I suspect he learned he could intimidate his breeder with such behavior.) I roared, loud enough for neighbors to hear, "Don't EVEN go there with me; I don't tolerate that kind of attitude from Brian and I will NOT tolerate it from you!!!" Lance straightened right up; if only my son could be corrected as easily....

Besides schooling, I've been doing other things necessary to be ready for the 2014 show season. My Oregon Dressage Society membership has been renewed, I've upgraded my USDF membership to Participating for the first time in several years, Lance now has his USDF Lifetime Horse Registration, and his USDF All-Breed Awards Declaration Form is on file. Whew; I'm letting my checkbook recover awhile before I re-up my long-lapsed USEF membership! Plus, I don't want to spend all my money on paperwork; I want to take some lessons. But lessons will probably have to wait until after the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, I'm trying to talk Rick into another family ride on the beach on New Year's Day. As I've mentioned before, I do everything within my power to start each new year on horseback; horseback on the beach with my family would be AWESOME!

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Anonymous said...

Heh! It seems your son may not be as wise as Lance! ;)