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Monday, December 30, 2013

Pre-New Year's lesson

I had a lesson with Julie today. Lance and I both tired quickly, which tells me I've been taking it too easy in our schooling sessions at home. Still, Julie remarked on our progress, and challenged me to step up my expectations a notch in order to help Lance improve even more. I was not aware that I was allowing Lance to be so crooked, especially in canter and canter departs. When I get his shoulders lined up with his hindquarters, his gaits improve and his frame opens dramatically, demonstrating why straightness is so important.

I was going to wear these,
a Christmas present from my sweet husband (I helped him shop eBay for a really good deal), but it was too damp and chilly to forego my fleecy winter breeches.

I took these photos yesterday after Rick graded our arena; it's been foggy like this for a week! Oh well, the sand isn't frozen hard or sloppy wet and I have warm riding clothes, so Lance and I can keep working on our dance routines. ;-)


Alanna M said...

Nice breeches! I love a freshly worked arena. I did quite realize how big your arena is. What a nice thing to have at home!

Michelle said...

Alanna, the camera's perspective probably makes it look bigger than the small court that it is. Still, I DO appreciate having it; I remember all the hauling to the fairgrounds I used to have to do to ride in the winter!

Laura said...

It's great to have those "eyes on the ground" to help "straighten you out"!! I know that I'm way too soft with Tang, and we don't work very much at all...

I'm glad you have the fog - I'd be going nutso-crazy in it!!

Unknown said...

What a nice thing to have at home! I am crazy !

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