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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back to work after a winter break!

Our winters in the Willamette Valley consist mostly of cool temps and lots of rain gently applied. But since last weekend real winter has been toying with us, snow and all! Still, I managed to get in good rides on Larry both Sunday and Monday (thank goodness for Polarfleece breeches). Tuesday morning I had a chilly but dry window of time, but felt too pressed by my to-do list to take the time for riding or lunging. Yesterday was just downright nasty, blowing snow all day which would have accumulated to an alarming amount had we been just a few degrees colder.

So when this morning dawned sunny, I was happily surprised, and made sure to get Larry out in spite of my to-do list.

I got an email from Larry's owner this morning saying she has an inquiry on him and will give my number to the interested party. We'll see it she is just a tire-kicker or a serious buyer. No, I don't want to lose my ride so soon, but we could still have a whole season before us, too.


Theresa said...

Michelle, He's plumping up! His neck is filling out as is he haunch area. In another month he'll be well on his way to buff! ;)
How are you liking him in general?
Bit arrived, thank you, although that snow you could have gotten and didn't...well we got it, about 2.5 feet of it. It's going to be a while before anyone is wearing a bit, bridle or saddle.

Michelle said...

Hee; it could just be his hair coat all fluffed up because of the cold! I did think his butt looks a bit less pointy this morning.

I like him a lot; he's a cool horse!

Anonymous said...

ugh, yesterday was such a nasty day, mostly hard rain with some snow mixed in. Not a day for creatures to be out. Today was a pleasant surprise. I longingly glanced outside a few times wishing for a chance to get outside.

Marie said...

He is looking better. You must have some great footing there! And you guys have gotten more snow then we have all winter! I am not complaining though. Hope you don't lose your ride so soon!

Wendy said...

Larry is looking good! I enjoy reading your progress with him. He's a cute boy. Just out of curiosity, have you gotten any snarky remarks about the side reins? I posted about long reining and proceeded to get bashed for it! Mostly with comments on Pinterest but also with "advice" articles on my blog. The negativity really caught me by surprise.

Michelle said...

Marie, I never heard from the interested party (thankfully).

Wendy, I haven't gotten any flak on the side reins, but I don't have the number of followers you do, either. Sorry to hear people have given you a hard time; like so many other things, side reins and long reins are simply tools, neither good or bad on their own.