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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is why we keep spares

That beautiful bridle on Lance in the previous post?

Read all about the Keystone Cops routine that caused the casualty on my farm blog. Unfortunately, the one good leather repair(wo)man in the area quit that business several years ago, and I'm not confident that the cheekpiece and rein could be made to look show-worthy again anyway. Fortunately, I DO have other bridles. I decided to try Russell's bridle on Lance again, even though it was too big for him a year and a half ago.
Ta-da! His head has grown some since I got him – even if it IS a knucklehead!


Anonymous said...

Good news that Russell's old bridle fit!
I'm surprised the reins didn't snap instead of the headstall.

Michelle said...

BOTH broke! I think the cheekpiece snapped first, then the rein….