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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lazy Lance and wild weather

Lance is not really this red; it's a low-light reaction of my camera

I bought Lance a new halter, and remembered to take it with me when I visited him today. It's a grooming halter; the whole 'undercarriage' behind the noseband can snap off for grooming access. It fit him perfectly straight out of the bag, and although I would have preferred brown, I think it looks good on him. The narrower leather also got his attention the few times he needed to be reminded to be a gentleman; no stud chain required. He was much calmer than the last time I visited, though; no airs above the ground this time. In fact, he was acting so sensible that I utilized the other tack I brought – saddle and bridle!
Photographic proof (such as it is)!
Lance's breeder thought I was brave to get on, but Lance was very mellow under saddle. His slightly lazy nature will be a blessing when I get him home and start slo-o-owly conditioning him enough to start dressage training. I can hardly wait!
:  :  :  :  :
It's been wet all day, but the weather has definitely intensified this evening. Wind is whipping the trees to and fro, and rain is splattering against the windows. Internet connection is spotty and I won't be surprised by power outages, either. I guess I should have hitched up the trailer and taken Horton with me this morning to work him in the indoor arena; I'm not sure I'm going to get any opportunities to work him outside until after we get back from our Thanksgiving trip. :-/


Laura said...

The wind is howling here, too, and the trip over the mountain Tuesday will be interesting... Lance's halter looks mighty fine, as do you riding him!

Happy days are coming!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

He's cute! Have a great trip!!!

Michelle said...

Don't know yet if we'll be able to get to Lance's barn for the vet check tomorrow morning or not. Power was out at the barn today after 90 mph winds at the coast, and Val called to say she'd heard some trees were down on Hwy 18....