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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No news, bad news, good news; no BIG news

Yesterday's wild weather hit the coast with much higher winds (up to 90 mph) and several inches more rain than we got, and the power was still out at Lance's barn this morning. No power = no ultrasound, so we will have to wait until next week to see how his injured ligament has healed. Unfortunately, between the holidays and his breeder's work schedule, Lance probably won't get any hand-walking until then, either. :-/  I'd drive over there to keep him from going stir-crazy if I could (getting this kind of mileage
with my diesel VW Jetta makes the two-hour round trip economically feasible) but alas, we will be out of town Wednesday-Sunday. (Looking forward to that fuel economy for the 800-mile round trip as well!)

The good news is that we had an unexpected break between the previous storm and the next one mid-day today, so I was able to get Horton out for a little exercise for the first time since Friday. We did walk/trot/canter both directions, first on the lunge line and then under saddle, and there was no crankiness at all. Not that he didn't need occasional encouragement to stay straight, connected from back to front, and/or forward, but he responded to the encouragement appropriately.

Rick didn't get the needles and drugs assembled for Horton's hip injections until yesterday, so he'll wait until we get back to do it. The chance of a bad reaction or infection is minimal, but he wants to be around just in case. So bigger news with photos next week!


sylkan said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving trip. My sister and her hubby arrived here tonight, so I'm all happy. I've been lunging horses in the pessoa for the last week while Janet was in Hawaii (poor, poor thing) and they have also gone several days without turnout due to horrible weather. All are bored witless. I hung a blue tarp as a windbreak in the viewing corner. That gave them some fun and excitement! but all adapted well.

Kim said...

I hope the weather is settling down a bit. Back in 82 we had a big storm in Washington that knocked the power out for 4 days over Thanksgiving. Interesting, really. Sounds like Horton is coming right along... here's to Lance's recovery. Cheers!