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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nine inch nails needles

(Actually, the needles are 10 inches long. If photos of medical procedures bother you, proceed through the following pictorial at your own risk!)
Supplies at the ready
The inject sites are clipped and cleaned
Finding the right spot, needle at the ready
Easing it in
The diagonal line on the left is the needle, going in parallel to the bone
Time to do the other side
After the needle is positioned, he injects the steroid
Little wonder that Horton told the farrier this afternoon that his rump is sore to the touch. Tomorrow I'll lunge him lightly in the surcingle, and Thursday Rick says I can start riding him again (if we can find a dry window in which to work). It will be interesting to see if there are any changes in Horton's behavior!


Laura said...

Crossing fingers that this helps!!

cheyenne jones said...

I must have missed a bit here, whats going on?

cheyenne jones said...

Ok! Caught up! Lol!!